About negotiations

Discussions with our U.S. unions will provide an important opportunity to strengthen our company in ways that will help ensure that employees are positioned for lasting security and success. This process is governed by the Railway Labor Act (RLA), the U.S. federal law that governs collective bargaining in the airline and railroad industries.

Our Negotiation Principles

Our intent is to reach mutually beneficial agreements through good faith bargaining. To support this, we remain committed to:

  • Being open, honest and fair in negotiations and fostering a climate of mutual respect and trust;
  • Being willing to consider others’ interests and points of view while working constructively and collaboratively to find common ground;
  • Considering all fiscally responsible proposals that are competitive with industry and market realities; and
  • Concentrating on analytically sound solutions that strengthen the entire enterprise, creating opportunities for employees and all of United’s stakeholders.