Negotiations Update 2012/04/06

United Dispatchers,

We'd like to take this opportunity to update you on the status of negotiations with PAFCA and TWU.

On March 30 United proposed a framework for a joint collective bargaining agreement to bring United Dispatcher compensation to par with Delta Airlines and harmonize work rules for the combined group on the basis of the existing TWU agreement at subsidiary Continental. The unions did not immediately accept that proposal, but indicated they wanted to continue discussions, and the Company, the TWU and PAFCA agreed to meet on April 18 to move that process forward.

Unfortunately, today the PAFCA negotiating committee told the Company that the proposed framework is unacceptable to them. Further, they insist on pursuing a separate agreement for subsidiary United prior to negotiating a joint agreement. They presented a proposal that does not provide a basis for agreement and PAFCA’s approach could materially impact the ability to reach a joint agreement rapidly.

We are committed to moving forward on joint negotiations and we are committed to reaching a fair and competitive joint agreement for our Dispatchers.

We will provide additional updates as we progress in these discussions.

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