Negotiations Update 2012/10/19

Expedited negotiations between United and the International Association of Machinists (IAM), facilitated by the National Mediation Board (NMB), continued through the week of Oct. 15. The parties remain committed to reaching tentative agreements by the target date of Nov. 15 for Fleet Service, Passenger Service, Storekeeper and Maintenance Instructors collective agreements.

Sub-committees discussing job classifications, transfers and reductions, hours of work, overtime, time off, and seniority have resolved most of their open issues. These agreements in principle will be reduced to writing by union and company attorneys working with each sub-committee. United and the IAM share the intent to develop collective agreements and contract language that is simple, direct, understandable and free of jargon and legalese.

Our attention has turned from core work rule issues to economics. New sub-committees have been designated to address compensation, benefits, retirement, job protections, investigations and discipline, as well as general and miscellaneous and transition/implementation matters.

The NMB has been instrumental in keeping the participants focused on the interest-based, facilitated problem-solving process. This approach has resulted in substantial progress and functional bargaining relationships. The NMB’s expertise will be essential as United and the IAM begin to explore the difficult subjects of pay, benefits and job security.

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