Negotiations update 2013/09/12

On September 9, 2013, United and the IAM met with the National Mediation Board to review the status of negotiations and to determine the next steps for moving forward. Negotiations between United and the IAM have been under the auspices of the NMB since June 2013. The NMB stressed that they have obligations to other parties in negotiations and other constraints, and that in order for United and the IAM to continue with their assistance, every effort must be brought to bear to reach tentative and ratified agreements sooner rather than later. Accordingly, the Company and the Union, with the assistance of the Board, will meet in negotiations the week of September 22 - 27 in an effort to conclude these negotiations. United remains committed to reaching new joint agreements with the IAM that will provide improved and competitive compensation, benefits, and work rules that are fair to co-workers and fair to the Company.

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