Negotiations Update 2011/09/07

On Aug. 23-25, the Company and Union Negotiating Committees met in Chicago, along with NMB mediator John Livingood.

During negotiation sessions last month and in previous months, the parties have explored a system to allow reserves to indicate preferences for IDs. Such a system would positively impact reserve quality of life by offering somewhat greater control over one’s schedule. This system would have to contain safeguards to mitigate harmful impact on trip coverage and reserve utilization. Moreover, such a system would necessarily be automated, and must be capable of generating solutions and making assignments during the call-in period. Both the Company and Union have made constructive proposals on the complicated issue.

In addition to trip preferencing for reserves, the parties also discussed commencement of duty, including a Company proposal for Flight Attendants to report for B-757 segments 15 minutes earlier than today.

More broadly, Company negotiators continue to emphasize that the Continental subsidiary enjoys significant advantages over the United subsidiary in the areas of work-rule flexibility and productivity, and benefit costs. Subsidiary United is willing to eliminate or close the pay gap between the two Flight Attendant groups if we can also eliminate/close these flexibility, productivity and benefit cost gaps.

The next round of mediated negotiations is scheduled for Sept. 20-22, in Chicago.

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