Negotiations Update 2012/05/04

All flight attendants at the United, Continental and Continental Micronesia subsidiaries are represented by the Association of Flight Attendants - CWA (AFA).

On February 28, we announced a new, ratified labor agreement with the s-UA flight attendants. Improvements to flight attendant pay and per diem went into effect immediately, in March. Almost all changes to work rules are now also in effect. S-CO flight attendants ratified their new collective bargaining agreement in February 2011.

The Company seeks to begin joint negotiations with AFA for an agreement covering a single and integrated flight attendant work group no later than the week of August 20-24, 2012, and earlier if the parties agree. To this end, the Company and the AFA MEC representing the s-UA flight attendants recently exchanged correspondence committing to begin joint negotiations no later than the week of August 20-24. We hope to obtain the same agreement on a joint negotiations start date with the MECs representing the s-CO and s-CMI flight attendants.

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