Status update on flight attendant contract negotiations

Earlier this week, United met with AFA to discuss the path forward to reach a joint agreement for flight attendants. Recognizing that it’s important to both flight attendants and the company to reach a joint deal promptly, we shared with the union a proposed process for immediately resuming negotiations with a goal of achieving an agreement by the end of this year. You can read the proposed letter of agreement outlining that process here.

Unfortunately, the union prefers to pursue mediation. While we will work together with the NMB and AFA through the mediation process, there are other, better opportunities to bring closure to these negotiations much faster. We believe that we owe it to our flight attendants to at least try a swifter approach first. AFA rejected our proposal and told us it had no interest in considering any path other than filing for mediation.

Additionally, United today sent a letter to AFA outlining our termination of the negotiation protocol agreement that served as the guiding structure behind our recent facilitated negotiations process. Unfortunately, AFA repeatedly violated the protocol agreement and refused to engage in cooperative, collaborative and good faith bargaining, which we’ve outlined in our letter to AFA. We remain very committed to reaching an industry-leading joint agreement and moving forward without this protocol agreement won’t impact our ability to achieve that.

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