All Flight Attendants to Participate in 2015 Profit Sharing

We are pleased to announce that United and the Association of Flight Attendants have reached agreement to provide for the participation of S-CO and S-CMI flight attendants in the 2015 Profit Sharing Program. “This announcement is tangible proof that when we all come together and put employees first, we can achieve a great outcome,” United President and CEO Oscar Munoz said. S-UA flight attendants already participate in the 2015 Profit Sharing Program under their current contract, so this agreement ensures that all flight attendants are treated equally for purposes of sharing the profits they’ve helped create.

We remain focused on reaching a joint collective bargaining agreement so that all flight attendants can be united as one work group with one contract. United and AFA negotiators are scheduled to meet with National Mediation Board mediators next week and the first week of November.

Details of the profit sharing agreement will be announced in the coming days. United and the S-UA MEC have also initiated separate discussions to address several outstanding issues affecting S-UA flight attendants, which we believe can be satisfactorily resolved.

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