Negotiations Update 2011/09/07

The Company and Union negotiating teams met on Tuesday, Aug. 16, in full session with Mediator Tony Iannone where the Company presented a reservations work-at-home proposal. Throughout negotiations, the Company has looked to accomplish various quality of work life initiatives, and work-at-home is one of the key topics we have discussed over the course of the negotiating process. The proposal incorporates all the basic elements of a work-at home program that we have spoken to at previous negotiating sessions. Martin Hand, VP-Customer Experience, walked through all the elements of the proposal, which mirror the work-at-home program components in place for s-CO reservations employees. The Company also expressed to the union our willingness to enact the work-at-home program according to our proposed terms at any time and separate from an overall agreement on changes to the Public Contact Employees’ Agreement. The Union has not yet responded to the proposal, and discussions are expected to resume in mediated negotiations sessions in Chicago on Sept. 7.

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