Negotiations Update 2012/02/16

On February 16, 2012, the National Mediation Board issued a “Notice” reversing its rulings on the IAM’s objections to the list of eligible voters in the Passenger Service election. The NMB has granted those objections, ruling that 706 s-UA CSRs, 152 s-UA AFRs and 117 s-UA SORs will now be eligible to vote in the election. In addition, the NMB has extended the voting period to March 7, 2012.

We believe the NMB’s ruling is contrary to its published standards, but just as the NMB ruled one way last week, now it has ruled another way. We’ve told you we respect the fact that many co-workers disagreed with the initial ruling, and that all along it would be the NMB’s decision, not United’s.

The NMB’s was a “split decision”: two members supported it and one dissented. We anticipate the NMB will issue a published determination in the next few days that articulates their rationale for this decision, as well as the reasons for the dissent.

In the meantime, this means we’ll have another couple weeks until we know the results. Let’s keep our focus on the operation and on providing great customer service.

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