Negotiations Update 2012/11/15

United and the International Association of Machinists (IAM) Thursday concluded their agreed-upon period of expedited facilitated negotiations intended to forge joint collective bargaining agreements covering approximately 28,000 ground employees.  

Despite substantial progress - including agreements in principle on the vast majority of work rule and other contractual provisions - and despite progress on the remaining critical issues, the parties were unable to reach a final agreement by the "target" date of Nov. 15, 2012. Negotiations will continue, and the parties will return to the bargaining table Friday morning.

"The effort to reach several major collective agreements bringing together thousands of co-workers from the former United, Continental and Continental Micronesia subsidiaries within an expedited timeline was ambitious and, while we were unable to resolve all issues, we achieved significant progress," said Labor Relations SVP Doug McKeen.

"We want to express our respect for the IAM negotiating team and our appreciation to the National Mediation Board for its resources and assistance, which were instrumental in bringing us to the brink of agreements that we were, unfortunately, unable to complete by our target date.  We are continuing our discussions, and we have been directed by the National Mediation Board to come to Washington, D.C. for status conferences the week of Nov. 26, 2012. We remain committed to build on the positive relationships and momentum created over the past three months and to finalize agreements that are fair to co-workers and fair to United."

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