Negotiations update 2011/07/01

The Company and ALPA met again this week in Boston. The Company made proposals on the Training, Pilot Instructors (new section), Sick Leave, Workers Compensation and General sections of the contract, while the union made proposals on Vacancies and Vacations. After several exchanges this week, the Company and the union reached an Agreement in Principle on Vacancies, one of the significant staffing/work rules sections that the parties have been working on the past several months. The parties have now reached Agreements in Principle on 9 sections plus a Letter of Agreement covering Guam flying. The parties are also simultaneously engaged in a joint analysis of the costs involved in the various scheduling sections.

Negotiations will reconvene next Wednesday morning.

Section Proposal last
submitted by
Agreement in Principle
1Recognition, Scope and Career SecurityALPA-12/15/2010
4Expenses, Lodging, and TransportationCompany-5/12/2011
5Hours of ServiceALPA-5/12/2011
7Reduction In PersonnelCompany-8/10/2010
8Filling Of VacanciesCompany-6/30/2011
10Moving ExpensesCompany-3/5/2011
12Leave of AbsenceALPA-9/16/2010
13Sick LeaveCompany-6/30/2011
14Physical ExaminationsCompany-8/10/2010
15Workmen’s Compensation BenefitsCompany-6/30/2011
16Missing BenefitsCompany-8/10/2010
18System Board Of AdjustmentCompany-8/10/2010
19Crew Complement (now combined with Section 1 - Scope)
20Allocation, Assignment and Scheduling of FlyingALPA-5/12/2011
22International AgreementALPA-6/2/2011
23Flight InstructorsCompany-6/29/2011
24Retirement and InsuranceALPA-12/15/2010
Letters of Agreement

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