Negotiations Update 2012/04/23

The Negotiating Committees met Tuesday and Wednesday last week in Chicago. The Association's negotiators were unavailable on Monday and Thursday. The small group structure that has been used for the past month with good results was continued this week. The structure was established in an effort to make progress without the requirement of full JNC involvement. When the principals from the Company and ALPA including Captain Pierce and Captain Heppner met with the Senior Mediator of the NMB on April 11, the parties agreed on a specific work plan which includes further use of small groups.

The small group addressing Scheduling issues spent the week working on the implications of FAR 117 and good progress was reported. Another small group began discussing miscellaneous items in several of the other open sections of the contract. Progress was more difficult among the group addressing retirement and insurance issues which struggled to make progress on long- term disability issues. It was mutually agreed that a discussion among the respective actuaries was necessary before productive talks could resume. The actuaries are expected to confer in the next few days. On tap for next week are the continuation of the discussion of FAR 117's implications, further discussion regarding open miscellaneous items in the open sections and more discussion about long-term disability. It is also expected that retirement will be addressed next week.

As agreed between the principals and the Senior Mediator, we will continue to focus on progress utilizing the work plan.

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