Negotiations Update 2012/04/27

The Negotiating Committees met again in Chicago this week under the guidance of NMB Mediators Pat Sims and Gerry McGuckin. EVP Mike Bonds, SVP Doug McKeen and Captain Jay Heppner Captain Mark Adams attended the talks this week. The group agreed to increase the work week in an effort to expedite the discussions. The Committees anticipate transitioning to Scope and Pilot Instructor discussions when the Scheduling issues are concluded.

The Scheduling group continued to report good progress on the relatively few remaining open items. The small group addressing miscellaneous open items in several of the other sections also reported progress. The parties’ actuaries met as agreed this week and disability, retirement and life insurance were discussed in the Retirement & Insurance group but little to no progress was made. The leaders of the Negotiating Committees met to discuss possible ways to move these discussions forward.

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