Negotiations Update 2012/05/13

Negotiations with ALPA continue to make progress and, as previously reported, meeting dates have been scheduled through mid-June. ALPA is mischaracterizing the mid-June timeframe as the end of negotiations, which is a deadline of their own making. The unilateral timeline ALPA has described in its communications has not been agreed to by the NMB mediators nor the company. As previously noted, the parties on April 11 rejected establishment of a deadline.

ALPA has also written to the National Mediation Board to request to be released from mediation. The request is premature and counter-productive. This is occurring at the same time the union is acknowledging that progress is being made at the table. To help clarify current status and to restate that the company is committing to carrying negotiations through to a successful agreement, Flight Operations leaders have provided an update letter to pilots.

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