Negotiations Update 2012/05/21

The following is the text of an email from Senior Mediator Patricia Sims summarizing the upcoming negotiation schedule with the parties to the ALPA negotiations:

From: Sims, Patricia
Sent: Friday, May 18, 2012 12:39 PM
Subject: Upcoming schedule for Mediation dates

Hello all,

Here is the schedule discussed by Group Zero for meeting dates.

Scheduled as follows:

May 21-25 in Chicago (at Hyatt)

All TG and the new scope group.

May 23-Group Zero conference Call

May 29 (2:00pm) -June 1 - Chicago (at Summit Conference center)

All TG meetings

TG- Scope- could be in New York this week if they need to be there, but that is dependent on progress during May 21-25 week

Group Zero Meeting- May 30 in ORD at Summit Conference Center

June 4-15- Everyone in New York for meetings

June 25-29 - Meetings, location TBD

Gerry will be sending out the official notice for our New York meetings soon, after the hotel location is determined.

Regards to all,


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