Negotiations Update 2012/06/01

Negotiations took place in Chicago this week under the auspices of the National Mediation Board member Senior Mediator Patricia Sims. Small groups met to discuss open items in the following areas of the agreement:

  • Flight Instructor section has been completed,
  • Preferential Bidding System issues have been resolved,
  • Guam provisions are nearly complete,
  • A number of R&I issues have been resolved,
  • Training has been completed,
  • Certain Scope provisions have been resolved this week

The parties re-convene in New York for additional negotiations commencing June 4, 2012 under the auspices the Mediator and the Senior Mediator. Mediation is scheduled in New York through June 15, 2012, with additional dates scheduled by the NMB on June 25th through June 29th.

The attached letter was provided by the Company to the Chairman of the National Mediation Board on May 28, 2012 in response to the NMB’s request for comment following a letter submitted to the NMB by ALPA.

NMB letter

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