Negotiations update 2013/05/28

Upon ratification of the joint collective bargaining agreement (the “United Pilot Agreement” or “UPA”) in December 2012, United and the Air Line Pilots Association formed a Joint Implementation Team (JIT), which has met, and continues to meet, on a weekly basis. The JIT’s progress is documented in “Next Steps” communications published on a monthly basis. Implementation of UPA provisions falls into four categories: 1) those provisions effective in January 2013; 2) those provisions effective between February and September 2013; 3) those provisions effective upon “combined CMS” (when all pilots are using the same scheduling systems); and 4) those provisions that become effective upon JIT review and discussion. Having made substantial progress on groups 1 and 2, the JIT is currently focusing on “combined CMS” items, largely involving Information Technology (IT) development. The JIT is also considering the feasibility and timing of implementation for Group 4 provisions, which generally have dependencies on other provisions and IT development.

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