Negotiations Update 2013/01/11

Beginning Jan. 7, 2013, the senior leadership of the maintenance division and the Company’s negotiating committee joined the leadership of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) and the IBT negotiating committee, in expedited facilitated problem solving training conducted by senior representatives of the National Mediation Board. The training was provided to kick off the expedited negotiation process as we work to combine the existing agreements into a single joint collective agreement.

The training was conducted over a period of two days, and following an agreement between the Company and the IBT on terms of a protocol agreement governing the negotiations, the parties commenced discussions facilitated by Senior Mediator Patricia Sims and Mediator Michael Kelliher. As provided in the protocol agreement, these discussions will be conducted in two phases. The first phase which began this week with small groups, runs through March 1, 2013, and will be focused on reconciling the language differences between the three current agreements. The second phase will which will run from March 1, 2013, and will proceed through May 1, 2013.

The parties made good progress in applying the training with discussion on ten different articles and agreements in principle were reached on Definitions, Holidays, Vacations, Grievance Procedure, Arbitration, General and Miscellaneous, Apprentice Mechanics and Transportation. Negotiations are scheduled to resume next week in Chicago followed by the week of Jan. 21. The week of the Jan. 28 will be used for preparation internally. For the entire month of February the parties are scheduled to meet every week in Chicago.

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