Negotiations Update 2013/01/18

The IBT and the United Airlines Negotiation teams met for a second consecutive week in Chicago to continue working on Phase 1 issues through the Facilitated Problem Solving Model, facilitated by the NMB.   Building on momentum from week 1, the sub-committees during week 2 focused their attention on discussing Article 3 - Covered Crafts, Classifications, and Bid Areas, Article 4 - Seniority, Article 7 - Hours of Service, Article 13 - Training, Article 17 - Overtime and Article 18 - Union Security.   The sub-committees tasked to discuss the above articles made good progress on all fronts as we continue to work towards agreements in principal.

Next week (Jan. 21-25), both parties will reconvene in Chicago and continue to work towards agreement on the remaining open issues above, and begin discussions on the remaining articles in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.   The NMB will also be present and continue to help the sub-committees as they use the process to work towards openly discussing and resolving issues.

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