Negotiations Update 2013/02/20

The IBT and United negotiations team met in Chicago for the fifth week of Phase 1 Negotiations. The sub-committees made significant progress on the remaining open articles, coming to Agreement in Principal on language issues around:

Article 10 “Leaves of Absence”
Article 11 “Sick Leave and Occupational Injury”
Article 4 “Seniority”
Article 5 “Filling of Vacancies”
Article 6 “RIF and Recall”

The sub-committees also made significant progress on Article 3, “Covered Crafts, Classifications and Bid Areas,” leaving only a few remaining issues to be discussed.

This week of Feb. 18, both parties are working on drafting and incorporating new language into the Articles that have been reconciled through the Facilitated Problem Solving Model.

Then, during the week of Feb. 25 to March 1, both Parties’ sub-committees will reconvene to discuss any remaining Phase 1 open items.

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