Negotiations update 2013/05/03

During the week of April 22-26 the Parties met in Phoenix to continue to work on revising language from Phase 1, specifically Articles 3 (Classifications), 13 (Training) and 14 (Safety & Health). Each Party also presented their Phase 2 economic proposals, which included issues such as wages, benefits, retirement and scope. Senior mediator Pat Sims and mediator Michael Kelleher from the NMB were also present to assist in the negotiation process.

The next week, April 28-May 3, the Parties returned to Chicago to continue to evaluate and discuss Phase 2 issues. The parties also worked on reviewing Article 1 (Scope) language and several subcommittees reconvened to clarify issues discussed during the Phase 1 process. Mediator Michael Kelleher from the NMB continued to help in facilitating the discussion process.

The Parties will meet in Chicago During the week of May 6-10 to continue to work towards an agreement on Phase 2 issues.

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