Negotiations update 2014/08/26

The Company and IBT negotiating teams resumed mediated negotiations in Chicago the week of August 19th through August 21st. Federal Mediator, Gerry McGuckin, the mediator assigned by the National Mediation Board directed the parties to review and finalize a list of all remaining open issues, and assisted in the review of fully agreed upon contract language.

The Parties signed off on Tentative Agreements (TA’s) on (Article 20) Board of Arbitration and (Article 23) Apprentice Mechanics. The Parties also finalized the majority of language within the following articles: (Article 2) Definitions, (Article 5) Filling of Vacancies, (Article 6) Reduction-in-Force (RIF) and Recall, (Article 8) Holidays, (Article 12) Field Trips, (Article 18) Union Security and Representation, (Article 19) Grievance Procedure, (Article 21) General & Miscellaneous, and (Article 22) Transportation.

The Parties next negotiation will take place at the National Mediation Board Headquarters on September 11th and 12th in Washington DC. The parties and Mediator McGuckin have scheduled dates October 20th through the 24th in Chicago and have tentative dates in November and December.

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