Negotiations update 2015/04/22

The Company and IBT negotiating committees met in Fort Lauderdale during the week of April 20th. Prior to arriving in FLL, the Company and IBT leadership were informed by the mediator that the Company should not present a proposal this week and that the agenda for the session would be:

  • Complete the economic analysis of IBT March proposal
  • Industry comparison
  • Teamcare discussion

The Company and IBT economic advisors met and reviewed their respective costing of the IBT’s March proposal. In addition, the Company and the Union each presented their comparisons of the current IBT contracts versus American and Delta. A number of differences were identified and the Company and IBT economic advisors will spend the next few weeks resolving differences.

The Company met with professionals from Teamcareto more fully understand the IBT’s proposal to move technicians medical, vision and dental insurance coverage to Teamcare. The Company received good feedback from Teamcare and all significant concerns were addressed, which will enable the Company to include Teamcare in its next proposal.

The mediator recessed the negotiations on Wednesday afternoon. Further negotiations are scheduled the week of May 11 in LAS.

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