Negotiations update 2015/05/15

The Company and the IBT negotiating committees met for scheduled mediation in Las Vegas the week of May 11-15. During the April meetings, the parties presented industry comparisons and the IBT economic advisor provided his projections of future wage rates at American and Delta Airlines. On Tuesday May 12, the Company made a comprehensive industry based proposal which included wage rates consistent with the IBT advisor’s industry projections. Following discussions about the proposal the Company and IBT economic advisors exchanged valuation data based on the proposal. The Company also had a discussion with Teamcare and IBT representatives to review questions and concerns the Company had expressed relative to the structure of Teamcare and the related proposal.

Additionally, the Company and IBT seniority subcommittees continued to make progress on seniority integration issues.

The IBT advised the Company and the mediator of their intention to make a comprehensive counter proposal during mediation dates scheduled the week of June 15-19.

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