Don’s update to United technicians

techOps_donWright.jpgWe concluded another week of mediation and reached tentative agreements on Classifications and Reduction in Force and Recall. Subcommittees met throughout the week on a variety of topics, including the sections listed above, which we finalized. Further discussions on steps to assist employees impacted by the JFK closure resulted in a series of commitments, which IBT and the company will communicate.

In order to prepare for the next scheduled dates, we reviewed the list of remaining open issues to ensure we are in agreement on what remains to be addressed. With the mediator’s assistance, we concluded that it would be productive to continue through the weekend between our next scheduled weeks of mediation, so we will meet from September 21 through October 1. Between now and then, we expect that there will be additional subcommittee work. We recognize the importance of reaching a joint agreement, and we’ll keep working hard to get this deal done.

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