United, NMB and IBT meet, set dates for negotiations

This week, United, the National Mediation Board and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters met in Washington, D.C., to discuss the next steps toward reaching a joint collective bargaining agreement for the company’s technicians. On Wednesday, the IBT negotiating committee presented their latest proposal, and the NMB directed economic experts from both the union and the company to review and clarify several sections of the proposal. After further discussions on Thursday, the NMB set the dates for our next round of mediated negotiations, which will take place the week of June 27. Meanwhile, the company’s internal experts are working diligently to evaluate the union’s proposal in preparation for our upcoming session.

We made progress this week, and we look forward to returning to the bargaining table so we can reach an industry leading agreement as soon as possible for our dedicated, highly skilled technicians.

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