United and IBT to resume negotiations next week

From June 28 through June 30 of next week, we will resume mediation with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. We have made great progress so far this year on reaching industry leading agreements for our employees -- including today’s announcement that we’ve reached proposed terms for a joint contract for flight attendants -- and we are eager to reach an agreement like these for our top-notch technicians.

At this week’s negotiations, the National Mediation Board has directed the union and the company to address an agenda covering the full evaluation and costing of the IBT’s June 8 proposal, an update and comparative analysis of the state of the industry, and discussions regarding IBT’s proposals on work rules, benefits and scope. The NMB has asked that the parties not plan to present or exchange economic or comprehensive proposals during these sessions. Based on its assessment of the issues, progress and status of negotiations, the NMB will has told us that they will be setting additional meeting dates at the conclusion of next week.

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