United and IBT continue negotiations

The negotiating teams for United and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT) met Tuesday through Thursday this week with National Mediation Board Deputy Chief of Staff Michael Kelliher and Mediator Gerry McGuckin to continue mediated contract negotiations for a collective agreement for technicians.

At the direction of the mediators, the discussions focused on economic valuations and comparisons of our previous contract offer and the IBT’s June 8 proposal. We also discussed key outstanding issues in scope, benefits and work rules that must be addressed in order to reach a joint collective agreement. Financial experts representing the company and the union were able to reach consensus on the economic valuations, a significant step towards coalescing around the major elements that could form an industry-leading, yet competitive, agreement.

The parties also made progress in resolving a number of open issues raised in the IBT proposal, setting the stage for further progress in the weeks ahead. The NMB will convene the next mediation sessions during the week of July 25, 2016. United President and Chief Executive Officer Oscar Munoz has stated that he looks forward to addressing the group.

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